We Must Teach with Authority - Matthew 7:28-29

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The Bible Gives Authority To Teach The GospelTeach with Authority and Power


Jesus Christ, is our example. The Bible records that Jesus taught the people as one having authority - Matthew 7:28-29


Our authority to teach the Word comes from God, not from man. All scripture comes from God and is good for teaching - 2 Timothy 3:16-17


God gave all power to His Son, Jesus Christ, who told us to go teach all nations - Matthew 28:18-20


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We must live by the authority of God, teaching with our lives and words in concert. We cannot say one thing and live another way - Matthew 23:1-3


This means every decision we make must have Godís stamp of approval on it - Colossians 3:17


Overcome Fear


Teaching the Word of God with authority also means we must not be fearful of being ridiculed or persecuted by family, friends, or society as we present the Word of God - Matthew 5:10-12


Be Encouraged


Let us be thankful in all things and ensure our influence, our lives, and our words are directed by God's Word and teach His message with authority - 1 Thessalonians 5:18


Teach with authority God's message of the need to be Saved and the Salvation that He offers:  Hear - Believe - Repent - Confess - Be Baptized.


-- Harry D. Anderson, Jr., 2010 --


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