Have Compassion for Each Other - Luke 10:30-37

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Compassion is the emotion, or feeling, of deep sympathy and sorrow for another person's distress and misfortune. It entails having a strong desire to alleviate their suffering and is part of mercy and forgiveness - Matthew 18:23-35


You and I must look to God as the ultimate example of compassion. Countless times God extended His compassion, forgiveness, and mercy to His people. In Psalm 78:38 we see that God had compassion on the children of Israel many times when they rebelled against Him - Lamentations 3:22


Godís love and compassion for us is ultimately shown by Him providing a perfect sacrifice and atonement for our sins, His only begotten Son - John 3:16


When we examine the life of Jesus, the main characteristic that stands out is His demonstrated love and compassion for the people He came in contact with.  He met their needs - Matthew 20:29-34; Matthew 15:32-39


Compassion shown by the Good SamaritanIf you were in dire straits and deep trouble, in a situation where you needed someone to assist you because you could not help yourself, would you not want someone to have compassion on you?


In Luke 10:30-37 we learn of a man in such a situation, in need of love and compassion, and how that need was met, with the expectation that we do likewise.


Therefore, let us be encouraged to have love and compassion, one toward another, with a spirit of forgiveness and mercy, to love one another as God has loved us - 1 Peter 3:8-9


True compassion includes concern for the Soul and sharing the Salvation that God offers:  Hear - Believe - Repent - Confess - Be Baptized


-- Harry D. Anderson, Jr., 2010 --


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