Are you like clay in God's hand? Jeremiah 18:1-6

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Do you remember playing with clay or playdoh when you were little?  You could mold it and reform to make whatever shape pleased you, until it dried out and got hard.  Once it became hard trying to reshape it just caused it to crumble and fall apart. 


According to Jeremiah 18:1-6, God tries to do the same for us, reshaping us into something pleasing to Him, unless we harden our hearts and make ourselves unable to take on the new shape that He desires.


Are you permitting God to use you or mold you
into the tool, device or pottery that will give honor to God?


If not, I want to encourage you to allow God to use His hand to work on you, that you might be a vessel of sanctification to be used by God – II Timothy 2:19-21.


The Vessel He Made of Clay Was Marred in the Potters Hand


Clay in the potters handsThe Bible says in Jeremiah 18:4 that the vessel the potter made of clay was marred in his hand. So he made it again into another vessel that seemed good to him.


Do you not know that you and I are marred in God’s hand, being that we have sinned? - Romans 3:23


But did you know that God wants to take the marred clay in His hand and make it into a good vessel? – John 3:16-17 


Before this can happen the clay must be in a condition where it is soft enough, so the potter can use his fingers and hands to change the clay into the desired shape or vessel. This condition where God can change and shape you is called repentance – Acts 3:19.


Why not allow God to work on you today?

Do not allow yourself to be so outlandish, distant, and stubborn that your clay, your life, becomes so hardened through sin that God can’t do anything with you – Hebrews 3:12-13.


Are you Saved? Accept the Salvation that God offers:  Hear - Believe - Repent - Confess - Be Baptized.


-- Harry D. Anderson, Jr., January 2009


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