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These brief invitations teach that the bible is God's Word, that the bible is important and use bible quotes to make bible illustrations

Bible verses are linked to an online bible.  Please don't take our word for what the bible says, but read the actual bible verses for yourself, in context.  Feel free to let us know if there is a subject or topic you are interested in, but don't find.


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  Abhor that which is Evil - Psalm 101
  Are You Like Clay in God's Hand? - Jeremiah 18:1-6
  A Thousand Marbles - James 4:14
  Attitude Is Everything? - I Corinthians 13:1-3




  Be Content with What You Have - Proverbs 15:16




Can Sinners Walking in Darkness See the Light of Jesus Shining in You? Matthew 5:13-14
  Cash the Check - I Peter 2:24
  Casket or Hope Chest? I Thessalonians 4:13-18
Christian Priorities - Matthew 6:33
  Christians Must Endure - Revelation 3:5


Did You Eat Today? John 4:32-34
Did You Ever Think of Yourself as a Baby Sea Turtle? James 1:2-8
  Distinguish Christians from Counterfeits - Matthew 7:15-21
  Don't Let the Devil Deceive You About Hell - 1 Peter 5:8
  Dying and Living - II Corinthians 4:16-18


  Flee! - I Corinthians 10:13
  Forgiveness - Luke 23:34
  Fundamental Lessons from Fireworks - Hebrews 10:24


Go Forward - Exodus 14:10-18


  Have Compassion for Each Other - Luke 10:30-37
  Have You Set Your House in Order? 2 Kings 20:1-11
  Hazards - Matthew 24:24
  Heed God's Warnings - Ezekiel 33:1-7
  He that Believeth and is Baptized shall be Saved - Mark 16:15-16
  He That Hateth - 1 John 3:14-15
  Holding Air - Ecclesiastes 12:13
  Home Is Where the Heart Is - Matthew 6:21
  How should we Love? 1 Corinthians 13:1-13


  Is God the Captain of Your Life? Luke 8:22-25
  Is It Still Baseball? Revelation 22:18-19
  Is Your Lock Open? I Corinthians 1:21


  Jesus Bore it All that You Might Live - Isaiah 53:4-6
  Just an Idea - John 12:48


  Know The Truth - John 8:31-36



Let Us Not Be Weary in Well Doing - Galatians 6:7-10



May 21, 2011 - Matthew 24:36-39


  One Thing - Mark 10:17-22
  Optimists - Acts 16:22-25
  Our First Love - Matthew 22:37-39


Pharoah's Compromise Was Sinful And Rejected by Moses - Exodus 8:25-10:24
  Plants My Heavenly Father Hath Not Planted - Matthew 15:1-14
  Please Don't Misunderstand - II Timothy 2:15
POWER - I Thessalonians 4:13-18
Preachers Without Podiums - Mark 16:15-16




Refuting TULIP (Calvinism) - 1 John 4:1
  Remember the Commandments of The Lord - 2 Peter 3:1-2




  Seeking The Lost - Luke 19:10
Serving Christ Without Fear - Hebrews 13:5




  The Best Defense - Hebrews 9:27-28
The Evil Truth - 1 Peter 5:8-11
  The Grace of God Brings Salvation to All Men - Titus 2:11-15
  The Room Examined - John 3:16-21
  Today - Joshua 24:15
  To Whom Shall We Pray? John 15:14-16
  Two Questions - II Timothy 3:16-17


  Wear His Name - Acts 11:26
  We Must Teach with Authority - Matthew 7:28-29
  What Do You Think Of The Jews? Are They Going To Hell? John 14:6
  What Keeps Us Going When the Going Gets Tough? John 6:68-69
  What We Have Earned - Romans 6:23
  When He Came to Himself - Luke 15:11-24
Who Is Your Family? Luke 8:19-21
  Who Packs Your Parachute? Acts 20:28
Why Am I Afraid of the Truth? - John 11:46-53
Why Is The Bible Important? John 3:16-17
  Will - 2 Peter 3:9
  Will a Loving God Punish the Disobedient? Romans 6:23
Will You Be Motivated to Serve God? Joshua 24:15
  Will You Do What God Says to be Cleansed? 2 Kings 5:1-14
Work Will Win When Wishing Won't - John 3:16


If we reject them, Jesus' words will judge us

"I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness.  And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world.  He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day.  For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak.  And I know that his commandment is life everlasting: whatsoever I speak therefore, even as the Father said unto me, so I speak."


How will you respond?

Will you reject Him, or be saved by accepting God's Salvation?


These invitations are free to be used in preaching and teaching God's word and are available to the Bible student for their study. These have been preached publicly, and further preaching is encouraged. Use this material to teach the truth and adapt the information to your own style.  - Don Treadway -com .info -info .mobi -mobi .net -net .org -org -info  07/29/2012  


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